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Apple Juice - Pawse

Apple Juice - Pawse

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PAWSE - It looks like beer, but it's not!

Drink with a sweet but balanced flavour, specifically designed for the canine palate.

The ingredients that compose it are a panacea for 4-legged friends and make it ideal for refreshing and rehydrating the dog, perhaps after a pleasant run.

PAWSE is produced in Italy with the best natural ingredients, it is non-alcoholic, free of gas and preservatives.

PACKAGING: 33 cl eco-sustainable 100% recyclable aluminum can
COMPOSITION: water, fructose, wildflower honey, E155 Brown HT coloring and salt
ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Proteins 0.4% - Fibers 0.2% Oils and fats 0.1% - Ash 0.1% - Humidity 55.3%
TASTE: sweet and balanced
COLOR: amber
Serving temperature: room temperature


• store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources

• do not administer more than one 33 cl can every two days

• it may be that the dog needs to get used to beer, which is certainly different from the water he is used to

• the product does not constitute a substitute for water which the dog must never never lack

• keep the product in the refrigerator after opening and consume it within  12 hours

• any deposit on the bottom is an indication of authenticity: shake before administration

 the drink is gas-free and therefore the can may present small imperfections due to the absence of internal pressure which in any case are not a symptom of alteration of the product.

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