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Love for your Animals, Respect for the Environment!

At Kiry Pet, we take care of your pet and the environment around us. We understand the importance of making responsible choices for the well-being of your four-legged friend and for the planet we all share.

Our products are carefully selected to be 100% natural, respecting the principles of eco-sustainability. We are committed to preserving the natural physiology of your precious puppy, offering only the best for his happiness and health.

Caring for your pet doesn't have to mean ignoring the environment. With Kiry Pet, you can pamper your best friend, knowing you are making a conscious and sustainable choice. Together, we can build a better future for all living things and our planet.

Eco-friendly toys for dogs

Our eco-friendly toys are designed to stimulate your dog's mind and physical activity, providing hours of fun in complete safety.

A collection of ecological, non-toxic, interactive and resistant toys.

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Eco-friendly toys for cats

Give your cat moments of pure joy and fun with our eco-sustainable toys!

Our eco-friendly toys are designed to stimulate your cat's natural play instincts, keeping them active and happy.

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Rabbit special

Eco-sustainable toys and accessories, snacks and organic goodies to take the best care of your bunny.

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Respect for Animals

We carefully select the best products by choosing from the best manufacturing companies, in line with the natural physiology of our four-legged friends.

Natural products

We only offer quality environmentally and animal-friendly products that you can find all collected in our catalogue, saving you time searching for reliable products.


We try to reduce the environmental impact that the pet products sector generates by choosing eco-friendly, sustainable accessories from the items to the packaging materials.

Cuddles for your puppy

You can receive a box full of cuddles for your puppy at home every month by choosing one of our subscription plans.

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