Immerse yourself in the unique experience of Kiry Pet: create your own Eco-sustainable Pet Box, selecting the most coveted products from our ecological catalogue.

Personalize your Playpen with your favorite products for dogs and/or cats from the "Create your Playpen" catalogue.

Buy at least 4 items to receive our exclusive "Kiry Pet Box" box for free. If there are less than 4 items, they will be shipped in classic packaging or postal envelope.

Create a customized Doggy Box or Kitty Box, or mix dog and cat items in the same box. Choose the items that your puppy loves most or purchase a Personalized Kiry Pet Box for an unforgettable GIFT IDEA!

* The prices of the items included in your box remain those indicated in the catalogue. The special offer of €30/€40 applies exclusively to monthly boxes and not to boxes customized by customers. In the latter case, the cost will be determined by the total sum of the selected products.
* Shipping is free for orders with a value of at least €45. For orders under this amount, a standard shipping fee of €6 will apply.

Create your Box

Choose the ones you prefer from the most requested items in our catalog and have fun creating your personalized box, for your puppy and according to your/his needs.