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Kiry Pet



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1 Catnip Toy: A toy made of 100% ORGANIC PRESSED ORGANIC CATNIP and plush that stimulates the cat's natural instincts thanks to its aroma. - €4.90

3 Tubs of Salmon Food: Wet cat food prepared with top quality ingredients. 100% ORGANIC, Without artificial flavors and preservatives. - €4.50

1 Kit for Catnip: The CATNIP KIT King Catnip, it allows you to cultivate catnip at home for your kitten and to have a natural supplement available, rich in substances that cats need. Catnip is used as dietary supplement and can aid digestion and hairball removal. - €5.00

3 Tins of Chicken and Rice Food: A food formulated to best meet the needs of adult cats. Its gluten-free formula and its composition rich in raw materials with high biological value make it tasty and nutritious even for the most difficult cats . Supplementation with tomato, rosemary and olive oil provides natural antioxidants and aids digestion, while garlic and oregano support the animal's immune defenses. - €3.30

1 Fish Fillet: Boiled fish fillet. Single protein, gluten free and 100% Natural. - €1.50

1 Pack of Sticks: Chicken fingers with natural CBD and the full spectrum of ingredients from the whole hemp plant and hemp seeds. They contain all cannabinoids, omega fatty acids and hemp nutrients. They help strengthen the immune system, give greater serenity in stressful situations (such as a visit to the vet) and support healthy skin and a shiny coat. - € 7,90

1 Eco-friendly shopper bag: Nice ECO-SUSTAINABLE bag in POLYPROPYLENE with Simon's Cat illustration. The production of polypropylene is the most ecological as it does not involve any type of pollution, neither chemical nor thermal. For polypropylene there is no water consumption during production and it can also be easily recycled , a characteristic that allows the regeneration of waste into printable material (plastic) which can be recyclable again and it is for this reason that it can be defined as an ecological fibre. - €4.90

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