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1 Catnip Toy: A colorful and fun rechargeable carrot-shaped plush toy. Made of cotton and filled exclusively with PURE and ORGANIC catnip leaves grown in North America. North American catnip is considered the best in the world, thanks to the perfect climatic conditions for the plant, which allow us to obtain a superior quality product with a strong aromatic fragrance that cats adore. - € 7,90

3 Tubs of Chicken Food: Wet cat food prepared with top quality ingredients. 100% ORGANIC, Without artificial flavors and preservatives. - €4.50

3 Tins of HFC Food: A complete recipe with salmon and tuna enriched with courgettes and carrots. HFC product (Human Food Chain) i.e. the meat or fish used are originally suitable for human consumption. MADE IN ITALY. Weight:70g. Composition: Salmon 30%, tuna 20%, carrots, courgettes 4%, mineral substances. Additives - nutritional additives: vitamin A 1300 IU/kg, vitamin D3 165 IU/kg, vitamin E 12.2 mg/kg, copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate 4.95 mg/kg (Cu 1.24 mg/kg) , taurine 450 mg/kg. - € 3,60

1 Pack of Snacks: Designed for your puppy's dental hygiene. Snacks with a porous and crunchy consistency that allows this snack to act on the teeth and prevent the appearance of excess tartar and keep the gums healthy. - €2.50

1 Pack of Sticks: Tasty and genuine. Baked and without added sugar. Without cereals and dyes. - €1.30

1 Chicken Fillet: Boiled chicken fillet. Single-protein, gluten-free and 100% Natural. - €1.50

1 Set of Eco-Friendly Coasters: For you a set of beautiful ecological coasters! With illustrations by Lisa Parker. Made of MDF, an ecological and recyclable material derived from the processing of coniferous waste in general. - € 9,90


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