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Kiry Pet



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1 Pack of boiled chicken fillets "LifeCat": Snack 100% NATURALEFormato: 15gr. Composition:Meat and derivatives (100% chicken), by-products of vegetable origin, mineral substances. - € 1.00 

1 "King Catnip" toy : A colorful and fun rechargeable carrot-shaped plush toy (15cm). Made of cotton and filled exclusively with PURE CATNIP leaves grown in North America. NORTH AMERICAN CATNIP is considered the best in the world thanks to the perfect climatic conditions for the plant which allow us to obtain a superior quality product with a strong aromatic fragrance. "King Catnip" catnip is 100% ORGANIC and without additives. - €7.50

1 Pack of "Les Filuous" salmon cubes: Salmon cubes suitable for a healthy snack or a tasty reward. MONOPROTEIN , rich in omega 3. Also suitable for sensitive cats with food intolerances or allergies. They help maintain a healthy and shiny coat.
Format: 50gr. Composition: Salmon, vegetable proteins, rice flour, glycerin, potassium sorbate. -  €3.50

1 Pack of "Les Filous" dried fish: 100% Dried fish, rich in VITAMINS and minerals which promote the health of your puppy and make the coat shinier. - €3.50

1 "Unionbio" toothpaste lotion: Toothpaste lotion for cats with natural extracts MINT : refreshing, antiseptic and delicately cleansing properties, SAGE : digestive and eubiotic properties and ALOE BARBADENSIS : hydrating, soothing and antibacterial properties. Reduces the formation of plaque and tartar. It is useful for fighting bad breath. It contributes to the natural whitening of teeth. Adjuvant in case of gingivitis, stomatitis, canker sores and ulcerations of the oral cavity. Format: 50ml. Composition : WATER, ALOE BARBADENSIS, SALVI OFFICINALIS, AG. GELLING AGENT, OLEA EUROPEA, SOLUBIZING AG, AG. PRESERVATIVE. - €8.20

3 tubs of "Almo Nature" organic chicken food: Wet cat food prepared with top quality ingredients. 100% ORGANIC, Without artificial flavors and preservatives. Almo Nature's entire production chain is based on environmental protection and animal welfare. Weight: 80g. Composition: Meat and derivatives 61% (chicken 26%) mineral substances. - € 3,00

1 RPET cooler bag: Nice ECO-SUSTAINABLE RPET cooler bag with Mneki Neko Cat illustration. R-PET (Recycled Pet) is a new polymer obtained through recovery and recycling processes of PET, the common material used for the production of bottles. By choosing to use recycled PET accessories we contribute to protecting the environment as this results in a reduction in plastic waste and consequently in CO2 emissions. Dimensions: Height 15.5cm Width 20.5cm Depth 14cm. - €4.90

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