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1 Pack of "My Ciuffogatto" chews: A pack containing 3 fish-shaped pieces. The "My Ciuffogatto" chewable toys, thanks to their specially designed shapes, help eliminate and prevent the formation of plaque and tartar, thus maintaining constant oral hygiene. They are made with bioplastics obtained from vegetal raw materials 100%MADE IN ITALY, without the addition of artificial flavours. In 3 colors: natural, green (obtained from spinach extract), red (obtained from beetroot extract). -  €4.20

1 Bag of "King Catnip" Salmon Treats: Made with 50% meat with the addition of salmon oil. Without additives and added sugars. Contains ORGANIC CATNIP FROM NORTH AMERICAN, 70 g format. .Composition:Chicken (min 40%), peas, salmon (min 10%), chicken sauce, chickpeas, catnip (min 4%), oil of salmon (min 2%). -  €3.50

1 "King Catnip" Toy: A colorful and fun rechargeable carrot-shaped plush toy (15cm). Made of cotton and filled exclusively with PURE CATNIP leaves grown in North America. NORTH AMERICAN CATNIP is considered the best in the world thanks to the perfect climatic conditions for the plant which allow us to obtain a superior quality product with a strong aromatic fragrance. "King Catnip" catnip is 100% ORGANIC and without additives. -  €7.50

1 "Officina Naturae" Sanitizer: The "Dodo Pet's Care" Sanitizing Paw and Fur Detergent, with Hydrogen Peroxide and Alcohol, is a specific product for the cleanliness and hygiene of dogs and cats. It is formulated without fragrance so as not to disturb their sensitive mucous membranes. Spray on the paws of your animal friend and remove the dirt with a cloth, rubbing lightly. To clean the coat, spray the product directly onto a cloth and rub the coat until completely clean. Avoid directing the jet at your eyes and nose. Even if your furry friend licked his paws, ingesting small quantities of the detergent, the ingredients would not cause any disturbance to the animal, 100 ml.
If you want to clean and sanitize their kennel or litter box, try the sanitizing detergent which always respects their health and the environment. Composition: -Alcohol: sanitizing action, Hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide, sanitizing action, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside: vegetable surfactant, helps to gently remove dirt. -  €7.50

1 "Farm Compan" toyand": A colorful little biodegradable "Farm Company" felt animal. -  €3.50

1 Fabric backpack: Useful and practical backpack (cm 32.5 x 37 H) in printed fabric with drawstring closure with cute kittens. (3 assorted patterns). -  €8.90

1 FREE: A microfibre cloth for cleaning glasses, PC and laptop screens, smartphone displays, cameras, CDs and DVDs. (assorted fantasies)



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