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Kiry Pet



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1 Eco-sustainable Game : Pizza-shaped game, soft and eco-friendly, handmade by expert craftsmen, with double-layer external fabrics that guarantee greater durability. It has one or more squeakers and creaks inside a rope hidden in the padding! Made with AZO-free dyes. All PLAY toys meet the same rigorous quality standards for manufacturing baby and toddler products.
Stuffed with the perfect ratio of density and amount of PlanetFill® padding, these dog toys are completely Eco-friendly. PlanetFill®, in fact, is completely made with 100% post-consumer certified recycled plastic bottles. Machine washable and tumble dryable. - € 17.90

1 Pack of "Chucky" apple flavored biscuits:  100% VEGETABLE apple flavored biscuits, produced in Italy. All ingredients used for the production of Chuky dog ​​biscuits are also suitable for human consumption. During production, the percentage of water is reduced, giving the biscuit the right consistency to help with dental cleaning, consequently reducing the formation of plaque. Without preservatives and colorants. Suitable for puppies and dogs of all sizes. Format: 370 g (approximately 70 pieces). - €4.90

1 Chicken Fillet: Boiled chicken fillet. Single protein, gluten free and 100% Natural. - € 1,50

1 Tin of Food: Wet with pumpkin, lentils and amaranth for all adult dogs, particularly suitable for dogs with intolerances or stomach sensitivities. Without preservatives or artificial colors. - €2.00

1 Pack of Patches: Patch for external use to be applied on the collar as a diffuser of ginger, mint and mandarin essential oils. It helps keep insects away by spreading unpleasant odors, and can help in case of nausea and vomiting in dogs. - €11.50


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