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Kiry Pet



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1 P.L.A.Y. ecological game: A fun plush in the shape of a P.L.A.Y. can. 100% ECO-FRIENDLY  is handmade by expert craftsmen, with double-layer outer fabrics and double-layer bindings that ensure greater durability. Completely ECO-FRIENDLY with PlanetFill® padding, i.e. made from 100% certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. This toy meets the same rigorous quality standards for manufacturing children's and baby products and all toy safety requirements of EN71 - Part 1, 2, 3 and 9 (EU), ASTM F963 (US) and REACH - SVHC . - € 17,90

1 Pack of "Woolf" Salmon Snacks: 100% NATURAL complementary snack for dogs. Format: 100 gr. Composition : Salmon 85%, Carrot 5%, Starch, Glycerin. - € 3,50

2 Tubs of organic chicken food:  Wet dog food prepared with top quality ingredients. 100% ORGANIC, Without artificial flavors and preservatives. Almo Nature's entire production chain is based on environmental protection and animal welfare. Weight: 300g. Composition: Meat and derivatives (chicken min.4%), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, mineral substances. - € 4,00

1 Vegetable Sticks: Ideal for your dog's dental hygiene. Made only with plant-based ingredients and are low in protein, fat and gluten. Produced using only natural dyes with no added preservatives. - €3.00

1 Accessory for you: Nice silicone bag holder. - € 6,90

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