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1 "King Catnip" interactive game: KING CATNIP CATNIP bubbles are an interactive game, 100% NATURAL , safe and non-toxic, for pets and humans! Suitable for interaction between children and animals for the enjoyment of both. Ingredients: HYDROXYETHYL CELLULOSE, GLYCERIN, CATNIP EXTRACT, WATER. - €5.00

1 Bag of "Les Filous" salmon snack: 100% NATURAL snack made with wild salmon caught in Alaska in pristine waters MSC certified - for traceability of sustainable sea fish. Monoprotein and rich in OMEGA 3. Format: 35g.
Composition: WILD SALMON 96.33%, E310, E407, CITRIC ACID, POTASSIUM SORBATE, GLYCERIN. - €3.50

1 Bag of "King Catnip" chicken treats: Delicious chicken treats made with 50% meat and with the addition of salmon oil. Without additives and added sugars. Contains ORGANIC CATNIP FROM NORTH AMERICAN. Crunchy and ideal for dental hygiene, without added sugar, low in fat and calories. Formato: 70 g. Composition: CHICKEN (min 50%), PEAS, CHICKEN SAUCE, CHICKPEAS, CATNIP (min 4%), SALMON OIL (min 2%). - €3.50

1 Pack of "Almo Nature" chicken and quinoa sticks:Chicken snack Almo  Nature made with 100% NATURALingredients, without added colorants or preservatives. Gluten free. Format: 15 g (3 sticks x 5 g). Composition: TUNA 24%, CHICKEN 13%, BRAN RICE, YEAST EXTRACT, FISH EXTRACT, EGG WHITE POWDER, EGG POWDER, PEA FLOUR, QUINOA 4%, BEEF LUNG, RICE FLOUR, TOPICAL STARCH, BEEF LIVER. - €1.30

1 "Beco" bowl: ECOLOGICAL bowl made of bamboo It is rice husk. Made of vegetable fiber, sustainable, biodegradable. Measure:17 cm - 0,25 lt. - € 5,50

1 Reusable Steel Thermal Mug: Reusable Steel Thermal Mug Cat theme. Perfect reusable alternative to disposable coffee pods and suitable for carrying a variety of liquids in any outdoor temperature.
Just fill up and go! Suitable for hot and cold drinks. It maintains the temperature for up to 8 hours in the case of cold drinks, and up to 6 hours in the case of hot drinks. In the center of the cap there is a valve to release the steam and the drinking hole is covered to avoid spills. Material: Stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. Dimensions: Height 12 cm, Width 8.5 cm, Depth 8.5 cm. - €18.50

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