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Officina Naturae

Sanitizing Detergent - HAIR AND PAWS

Sanitizing Detergent - HAIR AND PAWS

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The "Dodo Pet's Care" Paws and Fur Sanitizing Detergent by OFFICINA NATURAE, with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol, is a specific product for cleaning and hygiene. /strong> of dogs and cats. 100% NATURAL and formulated without perfume so as not to disturb their sensitive mucous membranes. 

Formato: 100ml
Composition:ALCOHOL: sanitizing action, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: hydrogen peroxide, sanitizing action, CAPRYLYL/ CAPRYL GLUCOSIDE: vegetable surfactant, helps to delicately remove dirt.
Use:Spray on the paws of your animal friend and remove the dirt with a cloth, rubbing lightly. To clean the coat, spray the product directly onto a cloth and rub the coat until completely clean. Avoid directing the jet at your eyes and nose. Even if your furry friend licked its paws, ingesting small quantities of the detergent, the ingredients would not cause any discomfort to the animal. If you want to clean and sanitize their kennel or litter box, try the sanitizing detergent which always respects their health and the environment. 

  • 100% natural.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats.
  • Suitable for sanitizing kennels and litter boxes.
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