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Christmas Gift Box for Dog - Christmas Candy

Christmas Gift Box for Dog - Christmas Candy

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1 Sparkling Wine for Dogs: For a special and unforgettable toast, here is the non-alcoholic Special Cuvée based on apple juice. Contents: 200ml. Ingredients: APPLE JUICE, WATER, SYLON CINNAMON.

1 Eco-sustainable Game: Nice Christmas Candy game with Christmas Jingle. Made of TPR and foam. Dimensions : 18x2.5cm. Material: TPR. TPR is a material obtained by cold processing of plastic and therefore with low energy consumption even during the production phase. 

2 Artisan Biscuits: Artisan biscuits with colored icing: one Red Paw and one Green Paw, individually packaged, each weighing 20g. Weight: 20gr each.
Ingredients: CEREAL FLOUR (soft wheat), BUTTER, FRUCTOSE, EGGS, BEEKEEPING BY-PRODUCTS (honey), PRESERVATIVES: e200 sorbic acid, e202 potassium sorbate. 

1 Artisan Sweet: Hand-decorated sweet, heart-shaped with "Merry Christmas" written. Weight: 100gr. Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR 00, BUTTER, EGGS, HONEY, FRUCTOSE E200 E202 DECORATION WITH YOGURT ICING, FOOD COLOURS. 


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