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Cannacat stick

Cannacat stick

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SPARROW CannaCat Chicken Fingers contain natural CBD and the full spectrum of ingredients from the whole hemp plant and hemp seeds. Therefore, they contain all cannabinoids, omega fatty acids and hemp nutrients. Particularly high-quality snack ingredients help:

  • contribute to greater serenity in daily stressful situations (thunderstorms, meeting cats, fireworks, visits to the vet, etc.)
  • support vitality
  • support healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • strengthen the immune system

They are rich in proteins and particularly tasty for cats, as they contain the special umami taste, which comes from natural proteins.

Cats perceive the umami flavor much more intensely than us humans and since it best reflects their nutritional needs, they prefer it.This is why even picky cats love eat this snack.

Without artificial sweeteners, additives or chemical preservatives  100% from natural ingredients, Contains no wheat, corn or cereals and is free of lactose and gluten. This also makes it particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

80% juicy chicken from Switzerland. Switzerland has one of the strictest animal welfare and animal transport laws in the world. This also ensures more animal-friendly farming methods with free-range and free-range farming that promote animal welfare.

The snack is monoprotein as chicken is the only animal source of protein. Different types of meat are not mixed. Completely following nature's example, because in nature no animal would ever eat multiple types of meat at the same time. The easily digestible, high-quality and low-calorie potato is the only source of carbohydrates.

The soft texture and high residual moisture also have the advantage of forming less tartar and caring for the teeth better than traditional dry snacks. Because, contrary to popular belief, dry snacks do not clean teeth better teeth. Dried pieces become increasingly stuck between the teeth and cannot be removed by the cat itself as quickly. Dry pieces from conventional snacks can lead to more plaque, tartar and bad breath.

Composition: Chicken 80%, glycerin 6%, vegetable fibers 5%, full spectrum hemp oil cold pressed from the whole hemp plant and hemp seeds (with natural CBD content) 3% , chicken fat, liver hydrolysate, minerals.
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