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Among the most common problems that dogs suffer from are dental diseases, therefore, good dental hygiene is very important and is a fundamental aspect of your dog's overall health and well-being. Plaque-forming bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause serious problems.

Daily dental hygiene can be very effective in reducing plaque and tartar. Daily use of dental care sticks has also been shown to significantly reduce tartar formation.

Sparrow's exclusive DentalCare Sticks offer simple and effective dental care. They are the only ones that contain a mixture of precious and highly effective herbs for the care of your teeth, which ensures that they are clean and that plaque and tartar are permanently reduced.

In addition, the sticks strengthen healthy mouth flora, make teeth whiter, breath fresher and help protect the gums.

Formato: 154g (6 pezzi)
Composition: CEREALS, VEGETABLE BY-PRODUCTS (12.5%, MEAT AND OFFAL, MINERALS, HEMP (whole plant) 5%, PARSLEY 2%, MINT 2%, OILS AND FATS, ALGAE 1%. Cereals , vegetable by-products 12.5%, meat and offal, minerals, hemp (whole plant) 5%, parsley 2%, mint 2%, oils and fats, algae 1%
Recommended daily ration:
Small dogs: 1 piece Medium dogs: 1 piece Large dogs: 1-2 pieces Please provide plenty of fresh water.
Complementary feeds do not replace a healthy and appropriate diet, which is very important for your pet.
  • The seaweed mixture cleans, heals teeth and removes plaque
  • Parsley and peppermint freshen breath
  • Hemp components have a calming effect on the gums
  • The star shape of DentalCare Sticks ensures that dogs chew the sticks properly and therefore ensures that their teeth and gums are properly cleaned and cared for.
  • The grooves massage the gums
  • Low fat
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and all ages
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