Kiry Pet: Where the Wellbeing of Your Pet and the Planet Intertwine in a Cuddled Embrace!

Kiry Pet is an idea, a commitment, a positive change in the world of pets. It combines a passion for animal welfare and environmental protection. Every choice we make, from the products we select to the packaging we use, is guided by our commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle for everyone.

When you choose Kiry Pet, you are not only purchasing high-quality products for your pet, you are also contributing to a better future for all of us. 

Because Your Pet Deserves the Best

At Kiry Pet, we believe that every pet deserves love, care and quality products. Our rigorous selection of natural and sustainable items ensures that you can provide your furry friend with maximum comfort and safety. From delicious organic treats to eco-friendly toys, every item in our catalog is designed to promote your pet's well-being and happiness.


Join the Kiry Pet family today and give your pet the treat they deserve - natural, sustainable and full of love.


The Kiry Pet Box: Every Month a New Arrival of Natural Surprises

Do you want to make your pet's care experience even easier and more convenient? Sign up for our monthly Kiry Pet box! Each month, you'll receive a curated selection of natural, sustainable products, delivered straight to your door. From nutritious treats to practical accessories, the Kiry Pet playpen is the perfect way to ensure your pet lives a happy and healthy life.

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Discover our online catalog and find everything your pet needs to live at its best. From organic foods to eco-friendly bowls, from natural hygiene products to interactive toys, we have everything you need to pamper your furry friend. Only the best brands including:

  • Alley

  • Dolcimpronte

  • Farm Company

  • P.L.A.Y.

  • King Catnip